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Our Mission:

The Diversity Center is dedicated  to enhancing lives and promoting fairness for LGBTIQ people in Santa Cruz County.

Our Vision:

Our vision is a healthy, vibrant, and diverse LGBTIQ community in Santa Cruz County that is free from fear, hatred, and prejudice and safe in their persons, work, and their homes; with a spirit of collaborative leadership that fosters the sharing of resources, talents, and gifts with each other and with the greater Santa Cruz Community

Our Guiding Principles:

The Diversity Center operates by the following Guiding Principles:

  1. We promote the strength, health, and cohesion of our entire community by welcoming community members of diverse ages, races, ethnic, backgrounds, genders, spiritualities, incomes, and physical and mental abilities, and by actively developing our cultural competence.
  2.  We nurture, liberate, celebrate, and empower LGBTIQ individuals and organizations to achieve their fullest potential by offering educational, informational, and social resources and working to dismantle racism in our organization and our community.
  3. We promote health and wellbeing in our community by honoring, respecting, and educating ourselves, and our community, and by building strong community partnerships.

Everyone Needs A Place

See the map to our center for directions. Serving the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning Community of Santa Cruz County. We serve our community in various ways. First of all, we provide safe space for visitors. Each week, many visitors come through our door. Everyone who enters is welcome, treated with respect, and assisted in the best way possible by one of our dedicated volunteer hosts. Visitors utilize our lending library of over 2000 titles, watch videos, or relax in our garden area and socialize with others. They come for friendship, safety, support, referral, our lending and resource library, cyber center, or in-house sponsored activities and events. We are open in the afternoons six days a week and almost every night special meetings are scheduled. See the schedule for open hours and activities held at the center. Our center hosts field numerous phone calls seeking business and service referrals as well as center activity information. We also field many calls and visits from people looking for a job, living quarters, health information, and professional services referrals.

By having a place The Diversity Center provides services to our community members in the best way possible. If you are new in town, coming out, questioning or out and about and proud, The Diversity Center touches the lives of everyone in our community in some way - now more than ever.